You are interested in a puppy from our kennel?

This is how we work:

We iming for a complete Rottweiler, fearless, confident, balanced and incredibly loyal to his boss and family.
Our combinations are considered, in which health, character and appearance according to the breed standard in the foreground.

All our breeding animals are medically checked and declared healthy. They have been found free of hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, heart murmur.
We breed according to the rules of Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied, FCI and the Dutch Rottweiler Club, but we often set the bar higher.

The puppies grow up in our living room, surrounded by dogs, cats and children.
To give the puppies and mother the necessary tranquility and to avois possible infection danger, there will be no visit for the 2 weeks.
We will regularly place pictures on facebook and the website so that you can follow there first steps.

After that the real work begins (from about week 4), socializing, meet other dogs, people. A trip by car, visit to the vet, puppy visits, etc. ...

You will pick up your puppy at the age of about 8 weeks, so this is how your package looks like.
- Several times dewormed
- Vaccinated
- EU Passport and chip number
- Health vet certificate
- Official FCI pedigree in demand (Raad van Beheer)
- ISAG 2006 DNA in demand
- Purchase Agreement
- Puppy Package
- Club Magazine (Dutch Rottweiler Club)

What we expect from you!

Understand that you are not the only one with requirements, we are also looking for a suitable owners, after all it regard to our lifework
Owners living in the Netherlands and Belgium them we want to meet in person, if you are coming from a foreign country we will contact our contacts / friends / acquaintances to find out more about you.
Only then we will decide to continue the sale.
Reservation in time for a certain combination this prevents disappointment.

Our primary interest is to find a good HOME for our puppies.

Puppy's expected beginning 2017


Jeneck's Sam

Beatelke Ilka

Schh III
OFA good



ED & HD vrij
Schwanenstadt Jugendsiegerin 2011
Ruhrgebiet Siegerin 2011
Dutch Clubsiegerin 2011
Vice-Eurodogwinster 2011
Bundesiegerin 2011
Amsterdam Winster 2011 & 2012
Belgium & Brussels Winner 2011
Grenzlandsiegerin 2012
Brussels Winner 2011
Ruhrgebiet Siegerin 2012
Dutch Champion
Crufts qualification 2012 & 2013
15 CAC - 5 CACIB - 9 BOS - 4 BOB

Beatelke Q-litter born: October, 12 2016

Beatelke Q-litter week 1 - 8