Beatelke Mako, passed for his IPO II, 70/90/90

Beatelke Macy passed for her IPO II, 75/92/80

Beatelke Messi passed for his IPO III, 95/95/87
Congrats, super proud :)


Beatelke Orso passed for his BH, Congrats Jos!


New pictures are online.

Dekkingen Mako

Heavy's Babouschca had a mating with Beatelke Mako, more informatie can be found on this page

Show Bleiswijk

Beatelke Mako, Very good, judge P. Harding


New photos of our childeren, meanwhile dewormed, have been eating kibble, playing with mom and of course with one another, other words they enjoy their puppy life

Beatelke Obi One

Obi One slaagde passed for his BH, Congrats :)


Here they are three boys and three girls.
Further information can be found at Q-litter NL Because our waiting list is already full we do not take reservations.


Proud, our next litter in the making.

Denemark, KZS 2016

Beatelke Mako, Excellent 1,
Best workingdog
Best Male
Danisch Ausland Sieger

Heizelwood Puma, Very promising 1, Best puppy
Rexlinger Anakin, Very good

Workshop, Jack Stienstra and Joel Edery

Never too old to learn


It was very hot, luckily the show team had tents, swimming pools, cooling, etc. along. t
Beatelke Mako, Excellent 10
Heizelwood Puma, Very promising 2


Beatelke Ilka, was inseminated by Jeneck's Sam.
Because our waiting list is already quite full we do not take reservations.

About four weeks she will have an ultrasound, then we know for sure if Ilka is pregnant.

Examen, ADRK BG Kleve

Beatelke Mako, passed for his IPO with 70-90-97
judge Thomas Wenig

11 Willi Hedtke Gedächtnisschau

Beatelke Mako, Excellent, judge Werner Walter
Heizelwood Puma, Very Promising 2, judge Werner Walter

35 Friedrich-Berger-Schau

Due to an accident on the German highway we arrived too late at the show, judge Rudiger Schmidt was so kind to judge Puma after the show, of course without placing.
Rexlinger Anakin, Excellent, judge Rudiger Schmidt
Heizelwood Puma, Very promising, judge Rudiger Schmidt

BRK KZ 2016

Rexlinger Anakin, Very good, judge Yvonne Bekkers NL
Heizelwood Puma, Promising, judge Jouni Nummela Finland


Never too young to learn

Workshop, Marek Urban

Never too old to learn!

NRC Combibokaal, Roosendaal

One of those days! Yes it is hard for a woman to throw a dumble, so there I lost 15 points ... A bit more here and there ended with 75points.
Bitework lost all my points in the searching the blinds, bites where perfect ended with 76point. Happy no but it is all in the game In the show part Ilka became first!
Very happy with this experience, lot to work on :)

Heizelwood Puma

May we introduce this little baby girl, check out her own page

ADRK Weltsiegerschau

Beatelke Macy, Excellent in workingclass

IPO exam

Beatelke Macy passed for her IPO I with 82 / 88 / 72 – she was a bit naughty in the bite work
Beatelke Ilka passed for her IPO III met 81 / 82 / 90

3 Gewesten Bokaal

Beatelke Jimmy did not pass for this test with 65 / 87 / 75
Beatelke Ike was withdrawn after an injury to his paw.


Beatelke Macy, Excellent 2.


Beatelke Odessa, Very good
Beatelke Macy, Excellent 3

Joe Kat Show

Beatelke Odessa, Very Good 2.

IPO exam, Denemark

Beatelke Messie passed for his IPO II with 94 / 91 / 91.

Munanis Pandora

As it was not meant to be, we had to let you go, our little gem. Unfortunately Pandora had no pupillary reflex, making her blind. Sleep softly little darling, we had an other future in our mind.


Beatelke Orca aka Roxy passed for het VZH


Yes Beatelke Obi One is HD & ED free

Kruikenbokaal 2016

Beatelke Ike IPO III with 95 / 84 / 90 ( best A and best C)
Beatelke Jimmy IPO III with 81 / 88 / 80
Congratulations! Up to the next contest


As announced we where aspectiong a litter out of Rebecca P litter, Unfortunately, this fairy tale has taken a different turn, four puppies deceased during birth One little girl survived, this little gem will also receive an appropriate name. Munanis Pandora.

P litter

P litter, very pleased to announce that Rebecca is pregnant.

MAG test

Rexlinger Anakin, passed for the MAS test, with a great result.
It was celebrated quite appropriate because he immediately got his first mating.

Show Eindhoven

Anakin is beconing a big boy so he needs to go to the show :)
Rexlinger Anakin, Very Good 3


Rebecca vom Carrabba Haus, decided to become in heat. Because we already have a nice request list for her, she was mated by Arko vom Brukroft

In about 4 weeks an echo will be made.