Best wishes in the new year

22015 brought us a lot and we are very grateful. I can only thank all owners and conductors of our offspring, thanks for all the hard work you have done in 2015!
The proof that a Rottweiler does not have to be only beautiful, or that he only has to consist out of working lines, is something that you have shown the world.
The results speak for themselves, they are proof of this.
here is a great achievement that I still want to mention on the site, because I know how hard we have to work for this.

After reading my New Year speech, the only thing that remains to say. We wish you a happy and especially a healthy 2016. May all your dreams come true!

Brussels Dog Show

Beatelke Macy, Excellent1, 2x CAC/CACIB, Benelux Winster and Macy is qualified for Crufts

Winner Amsterdam

Beatelke Mako, Excelent 2
Rexlinger Anakin, Moderate

Lemelbokaal NRC RW Hoogeloon

Beatelke Ike, IPO III with 237 points


In 2015 we took the decision not to plan a litter, there were several reasons for this, our move, Thomás, with other we wanted some peace and quite
Now that it is almost 2016 and our puppy waitinglist is way too big, we are planning a new litter
With alot of pride we can announce our next litter planning.

HD & ED results

Beatelke Orca aka Roxy, is HD & ED free.

2 days show Bleiswijk

Beatelke Macy, Excellent 1
Best Female
Best of Breed

Macy gained here also her last point to be Dutch Champion! Congratulations Sandra :)
Beatelke Odessa Very Good 3.

Beatelke Macy, Excellent 3.

HD & ED results

Beatelke Orca aka Roxy, is HD & ED free.

Africhtingsexamen Spanje

Beatelke Nina, passed for her BH.

Exams NRC RW Made

Beatelke Jimmy, passed for his IPO III, 81/90/90.
Jimmy is therefore qualified for the NKA!
Beatelke Ma Belle, passed for her BH with 51 points.

Exam Spain

Beatelke Mennox, passed for his BH.
Also he received HD/B and ED/0!

IPO IFR 2015, Italy

We are so proud! Beatelke Indio with Colin Bourke, 90/78/87
Munanis Freysfaxi with Paul Schuurmans, 75/83/89

Workingexamen Denemarken

Beatelke Messi, passed for this IPO I, 90/84/96.

En toen zaten we in de auto richting Italie.

Senza Frontiere

Beatelke Mako, Excellent 5

KS Italie 2015

Beatelke Mako, Excellent

Dutch Working Championship 2015

Beatelke Indio, Dutch Workingchampion 2015. 96/91/85.
Beatelke Indio, 3th place, 90/80/80.

KS - Galicia, Spanje

Beatelke Mennox, Excellent 5
Beatelke Nina, Very good 2

Danisch breedertest - Danish Rottweilerclub

Beatelke Messi, passed for the Danisch breedertest

45. Klubsieger-Zuchtschau

Super proud of these results.

Beatelke Mako, Excellent 8
Rexlinger Anakin, Excellent
Beatelke Macy, Excellent 9.

4. Reinhold-Richtscheid

Beatelke Mako, Excellent
Rexlinger Anakin, Excellent 8
Beatelke Macy, Very Good.


We've uploaded new pictures of the boys.
Beatelke Mako & Rexlinger Anakin

Matings Mako

Beatelke Mako became father. Within a few days 22 puppy's are born, this in 2 different kennels. Kennel Boxlee and Opperby´s good luck with the growing baby's.

Mega vom Hause Edelstein is mated with Beatelke Mako Mating page

Dock Diving @ Portugal

We are only just known with it, whether there is a dog from our kennel who practice it, Dock Diving! Beatelke Markus aka Skype took part in a home match and also became 2nd :) it has already produced beautiful pictures.


Beatelke Mako, Excellent 3
Rexlinger Anakin, Excellent 2

Show BG Rheinhause-Oestrum

Beatelke Mako, Very Good 3
Rexlinger Anakin,Very good 2

Health results
Matings Mako

Very pleased that we can report that Rexlinger Anakin is HD and ED free. Our little boy will go to some shows, see what judges find of him ;)

Super proud!!
Beatelke Indio with conductor Colin Bourke
Munanis Freysfaxi with conductor Paul Schuurmans are selected for the IFR WC 2015 in Italy!

Mako is becoming a busy Bee, Mako heeft het er maar druk mee, he is asked for some matings.
You can find some more information on this page


Munanis Luna, passed for her BH/VZH
Beatelke Jimmy, passed for his IPO II, 94-95-94 = 283
Beatelke Jabari, passed for his IPO II, 82-78-82 = 242
Congrats guys, you are making us proud!

Anka vom Dunvanhof

At the end of the rainbow, where time stands still, You wait for me as you always will.
Reserved for us is a special place, Where loved ones reunite at the Rainbow Gate.
Our precious Anka, I'm going to miss you, so much.

3 Gewestenbokaal

The boys are showing off!

1st place
Beatelke Indio, 93-91-94 = 278. Best A and C!!!

3rd place
Munanis Freysfaxi, 85-92-85 = 262.

Beatelke Ike, 74-78-84 = 236

Beatelke Indio qualified for the 2015 World Championships in Italy!

Top guys, we are proud of you!!

Matings Mako

Beatelke Mako has been asked to mate with different females. On this page you can find the matings.

IFR Show, Tsjechie

Beatelke Mako, Excellent

Ter Waele Vaye

At the end of the rainbow, where time stands still, You wait for me as you always will.
Reserved for us is a special place, Where loved ones reunite at the Rainbow Gate.
Rest in Peace dear Vaye, once in a life time dog.

CAC show BRK & BH

Beatelke Mako, Excellent 3
Beatelke Macy, Very Good.

Beatelke Mini Mouse, passed for her BH, super proud.
Beatelke Makram, passed for his BH, whoehoe.

Clubmatch NRC

Beatelke Mako, Excellent 1
Best male
Clubwinner 2015

Beatelke Ike, Excellent 3.
Beatelke Macy, Excellent.


The enrichment of our lives, with great pride we welcome Thomás in our family.

Ztp, IPO and Show

Great weekend!
Beatelke Mako, passed for his @ BG Rheinhausen-Oestrum for the German Ztp this with excellent comment of the judge.
Beatelke Jabari, passed in Denmark for his IPO I.
Beatelke Macy, went 2 days to the show in Goes
April 04, 2015, Excellent 1 and RES CAC
April 05, 2015, Excellent 1 and CAC
Best female.

Almost impossible to become much prouder as breeder!

BG Rheinhausen-Oestrum

Beatelke Mako, passed fot his German/ADRK BH and AD

Seattle Kennel Club show

Beatelke Nard, gained the Winners Dog & Best of Winners and his first point for the AKC Championship title.
It is extremely difficult for a tailed Rottweiler to win in the AKC show, Congrats Janet!

Martini Show, CAC/CACIB

Very proud at the results of Mako. Anakin had the day of his life
Beatelke Mako, Excellent 1
Best Male
Best of Breed

Beatelke Macy, Congrats Sandra!
Excellent 1
Best Female

Rexlinger Anakin, Good

Upcoming matings

Upcoming matings 2015/2016


We've uploaded new pictures of the boys.
Beatelke Mako & Rexlinger Anakin

Beatelke Odillia

Beatelke Odillia has her own page.
Check her experiences here


2015 is at his end!
we would like to thank our family and friends for the beautiful moments in 2014.
2015 promised to be a busy but oooh so nice year, many new advonturen will come our way.