2015 is at his end!
we would like to thank our family and friends for the beautiful moments in 2014.
2015 promised to be a busy but oooh so nice year, many new advonturen will come our way.


Our last girl flew to her new home yesterday.
Here you can find the whole litter back.
We could add a country back to the list where puppies of us live, Beatelke Obi One lives in Greece.
We wish the new owners every success with their new family member, they must fulfill all dreams.


lready 6 weeks old. They did great @ the vets place.
Check out the new pictures O-litter

Werkgroep Oss

Munanis Lupo, passed for this BH/VZH :)

Exam Portugal

Beatelke Markus aka Skype, passed for his BH/VZH, super Claudio!

Show, Madrid

Beatelke Maja, Excellent 1.

B exam, Denemark

Beatelke Messi, gained 95/100 point on a section B exam.

RWF Exam

Beatelke Mako, passed for his BH/VZH exam with 58/60 points.
Beatelke Macy, passed for her BH/VZH with 47 points, super Sandra!

IFR World Championship

Munanis Eyak, 88/89/84
Munanis Freysfaxi, 85/75/86
Beatelke Ike, 37/76/80
Congrats guys, you are making us proud!


Andre and Marja lost Munanis Faydo aka Andor, today.
R.I.P friend, the world lost a beautiful star


Here they are 4 handsome guys and 7 adorable girls.
You can find some pictures on O-litter


More information on the page puppys

Nederlands Kampioenschap Africhting

Beatelke Indio, 96/90/84
and became 2nd
Munanis Freysfaxi, 80/84/86
Beatelke Ike, 58/77/76

44. Klubsieger-Zuchtschau, Germany

Beatelke Mako, Excellent

9. Willi Hedtke Gedachtnisschau, Germany

Beatelke Mako, Excellent 1 Ruhrgebiet Jugendsieger
Beatelke Ilka, Excellent 2

Munanis & Beatelke

Rexlinger Anakin, Come join our team
Our thanks is big

Belgische Rottweiler CAC show, Belgium

Beatelke Mako, Excellent 1
Best Junior Male
Best Junior

Little boy did an excellent job
Beatelke Ike Excellent 1

RWF exam

The results just keep pouring in!
Munanis Leeloo, passed for VZH/BH
Munanis Kaoutar, 71/70/76, passed for her IPO I
And the most proud of my girl
Beatelke Ilka, 81/90/87, passed for her IPO II
and also gained Best B

RWF Piet Hein Bokaal 2014

With great pride we announce that three dogs Munanis & Beatelke participated in the Piet Hein Bokaal 2014
Beatelke Indio 60/92/91
Munanis Eyak 96/94/93 Best A en B
Beatelke Ike 75/88/86

Scandinavian IPO Championships, Sweden

Beatelke Ike 76/83/84

Swedish Klubsieger, Sweden

Beatelke Ike, Excellent 1

Scandinavian Klubsieger, Sweden

Beatelke Ike, Excellent 2, RESCAC

Drie Gewesten Bokaal, Roosendaal

Munanis Eyak 83/87/83
Beatelke Indio 96/90/-

Friedrich Berger Gedachtnisschau, Germany

Beatelke Mako, Excellent 1 Westfalen jugendsieger 2014
Beatelke Ilka, Excellent 4
Rebecca vom Carrabba Haus, Very Good 4

Health results

Munanis Leeloo, HD free / ED free
Munanis Lulu, HD B / ED vrij
Beatelke Macy, HD free / ED free
Beatelke Mako, HD free / ED 1

DHAV wedstrijd

Munanis Eyak 99/94/94

Klubsieger, Nederland

Munanis Leeloo, Excellent 2
Beatelke Macy, Excellent 2

Klubsieger, Belgie

Beatelke Mako, Excellent 2
Beatelke Ilka, Excellent 1, Vice Siegerin
Rebecca vom Carrabba Haus, Very Good 4
Munanis Leeloo, Excellent
Beatelke Macy, Excellent 2

Show IFR, Italie

Beatelke Mako, Excellent, last top 10
Beatelke Ilka, Excellent
Beatelke Ike, Excellent 4

Show Senza Frontiere, Italie

Beatelke Mako, Very Good
Beatelke Ilka, Excellent 5
Beatelke Ike, Excellent 4

European Pet Pharmacy

European Pet Pharmacy


It was more than time to post new photos.
Here they are N-nest

Kruikenbokaal 2014

With great pride we announce that four dogs Munanis & Beatelke took part in the first race of the season.
Munanis Freysfaxi 86/96/94
Beatelke Indio 94/92/85
Munanis Eyak 71/87/90
Beatelke Ike 76/83/84

Beatelke Jergan aka Java

Beatelke Jergan achieved today IPO III certificate with the highest points in Section C.
Super Jane!!!


It barks, it growls, it grows, well they are becoming dogs.
Of course, we have new photo's

Beatelke Maja

Beatelke Maja became Best Junior Female and also became 2nd in the breedgroup
Congrats Alberto

N-litter & other dogs

Here they are almost 1 kg in weight.
And of course there are new photo's.

All photo albums were also restyled, check out


With great pride we can propose our N-litter.
Anka became the proud mother of 4 handsome men and 2 beautiful women.

You can follow their adventures, link


Very happy to let you know that Anka vom Dunvanhof is pregnant of Beatelke Ike

NBG HSV Jagersveld

Munanis Exzan 88/88/71

New photo's on-line

Anka vom Dunvanhof
Beatelke Mako

Show Hoogstraten

Beatelke Mako, Very Good 3
Beatelke Ilka, Uitmuntend 1
Ter Waele Vaye, Excellent 1 Best Veteran
Beatelke Ike, Excellent 1 Best Male Best of Breed

Beste Wensen

First of all, our best wishes for 2014, 2013 has been a great year for us!
We have mainly focused on training and there could achieve the necessary results.
Proud of our dogs, that 2014 may be just as well.