Beatelke Ilka, obtained her IPO and I also became
Club Champion 2013
Beatelke Isze, passed 80 points on IPO section A
Beatelke Jamie, passed her Track Dog II

Show Bleiswijk

Beatelke Macy, Very promising 4
Beatelke Ma Belle, Very promising 1

Examens, nieuw lid, herplaatsing, pups

Beatelke Jabari , passed for his BH examen, congrats Eva
Beatelke Jergan aka Java , passed for his IPO II examen
Beatelke Mako, has his own page, where he can make all our dreams
Munanis Leeloo, got a new home, one where someone with a lot of yearn is waiting for her.

New mating end 2013 Anka vom Dunvanhof x Beatelke Ike

NRC NKA 2013

Munanis Freyfaxi , 97/88/82, 3th place
Beatelke Ike, 87/83/80
Beatelke Indio, 95/87/75
Munanis Darco Brando , 82/84/84
Munanis Eyak , 91/92/82

Klubsieger Spanje

Beatelke Maja, Very promising 3, Super Alberto!!

Show Luxemburg

Beatelke Macy, Very promising 2

Rotterdam, NRC clubmatch

Beatelke Ilka, Excellent 1, Reserve CAC
Munanis Leeloo , Very good
Beatelke Mako, Very promising 2
Beatelke Macy, Very promising 1, Best Baby Female, Best Baby
Munanis Lulu , Very Good
Munanis Luna , Very Good
Munanis Freyfaxi , Very Good 1

Rottweil, ADRK KS 2013

Beatelke Macy, made her show debut at the biggest Rottweiler show, she won a MEGA prize in her class.
Very promising 1, Best Baby Female and also became BEST BABY Congrats Sandra en Egbert

Dortmund, Germany

Beatelke Ilka, Excellent 3
Beatelke Mako, Very promising 1, Best Baby Male

Piet Hein Bokaal 2013

It did not run smoothly, but nevertheless we are very proud of our breeding, not to mention Nino
Nino vom Carrabba Haus, 0/84/75
Beatelke Ike, 88/70/85
Beatelke Indio took no further part due to an ear infection.
Munanis Eddy appeared to have a huge hotspot on arrival and was pulled back.
Munanis Freyfaxi 0/85/88
Munanis Darco Brando 0/75/0
Munanis Evita 0/86/0

Standing still on the loss of Bass & Paula, R.I.P Munanis Brando.
Farewell A lot of strength!

IFR Show, Rodding, Denemark

Beatelke Ilka, Excellent
Munanis Leeloo , Very Good

Show Arnhem

Beatelke Ike, Excellent 1 RES CAC

3 gewestenbokaal

Munanis Eyak, took part at the 3 gewesten, he failed unfortunately not for manwork 88/88/63

RWF Almere

Rebecca vom Carrabba Haus, passed for her VZH/BH examen
Nino vom Carrabba Haus, passed for his IPO III 94/85/85 - 264 ptn
Beatelke Indio, passed for his IPO III 97/92/91 - 280 ptn

den Hartel

Beatelke Ike, passed for his Trackdog I with 84 points
Munanis Kaoutar, passed for her VZH/BH examen


Munanis Kapitein Gabber, passed for hiis VZH/BH with 43 points

Show Arnhem

Beatelke Ike, Excellent 3

RWF Almere

Munanis Evita, passed for her IPO III 75/92/90 - 257 ptn


Can you believe thet tomorrow they are already 7 weeks, they play, they frolic, they sleep, they mess Beatelke M litter


Munanis Eyak, took part at the kruikenbokaal


Oh yes, they begin to break down the house Beatelke M litter


Already 3 weeks Beatelke M litter

Show Leiden

Munanis Evita, Excellent 1

UV examen

Beatelke Isze, passed


Here they are Beatelke Mmmmmmmmmmm litter

Health results

We got last month less news, Munanis Captain Gabber was X-rayed hij is ED free but HD C.

On March 7, 2013 Ilka gave birth to six boys and five handsome ladies.

Show Groningen

Munanis Lyran, Very promising 2
Munanis Evita, Excellent 1

Litter Ilka x Elch

Last week we got the see the children of Ilka x Elch on the ultrasound.

Into the new year

First of all, our best wishes for 2013,
2012 has been a great year for us!

Dutch Champion
4th place on Crufts
Several BOB's
Obtaining IPO II's
Best Verteran and 4th place at the ADRK KlubSieger
Best dog in Section C

Now on to 2013, work hard and continue to exercise our passion.