Show Brussel

Beatelke Ilka Excellent 1, CAC - CACIB
Belgium & Brussels Winner 2011

Amsterdam, Winner

Beatelke Ilka Excellent 1, CAC - CACIB, Winster
Munanis Enjoy Excellent 1
Beatelke Ike Excellent 1


Beatelke Izzy passed for her BH/VZH!! and became best combination

Kortrijk, Eurodogshow

Beatelke Ilka Excellent 2
Munanis Enjoy Excellent 1, CAC - CACIB, Best Female

RWF & Canada

Beatelke Jerga aka Java surprised his mother, Anka, with gaining his BH.
Munanis Eyak, did not pass for his exman, he failed at tracking.

Show Luxemburg

Munanis Eyak, gained Excellent 1 and became
Luxemburgs champion


Munanis Eddy passed for his IPO III, Congrats Johnny & Lone

Bundessieger & Nationale Dortmund

Beatelke Ilka gained on both day's super results.
15.10.2011: dhr. A. Spindler - Excellent 1, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH
16.10.2011: dhr. J. Wulff - Excellent 1 - Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH - CAC
Best of Breed

Munanis Enjoy
15.10.2011: dhr. A. Spindler - Excellent 3
16.10.2011: dhr. J. Wulff - Excellent 1


The next combination


Time after time they make us proud.
Beatelke Ike, passed for his IPO I at RW Hoogeloon, October 02, 2011
Beatelke Izse, passed for her BH at RW Hoogeloon, October 02, 2011
Munanis Enjoy, Excellent 2 RESCAC, Res ANW.DT.VDH CH at the show in Dusseldorf
Munanis Exzan, passed for his IPO I at HSV Jagersveld Zaandam, September 29, 2011


Beatelke Ilka Excellent 1, Vice-Eurodogwinster
Munanis Enjoy, Excellent 1.
Beatelke Ike Excellent 1

CAC show

Beatelke Ike Excellent 1

NRC Clubmatch

It was a great day for us.
- Beatelke Ilka NRC Clubwinster 2011
Best Female
Best Junior
- Beatelke Ike Excellent 3.
- Beatelke Indio, Very good 4.
- Beatelke Izzy, Zeer Goed.
- Munanis Eyak, Very good 3.
- Nino vom Carrabba Haus, Excellent 2
And we are the most proud of ...
- Ter Waele Vaye, Very good 1 and 1e place in the offsprikg class with the above mentioned children ...

NRC Clubmatch

Beatelke Indio, is HD & ED free.
With great pride we can say that there are five dogs from the I-litter who have x-rayed and all five are free


ADRK Klubsieger

Beatelke Ilka Very good.
Munanis Eyak, Excellent.
Munanis Enjoy, Excellent.
As always it was a very pleasant weekend, the pictures will follow soon


Beatelke Ilka is ED free :)

Willi Hedtke Gedachtnis Schau

Now all the puppy to their new owners we can again concentrate 100% on show and exams.
Beatelke Ilka 1 Excellent, Anw.Dt.VDH She got her first point for VDH champion
Munanis Enjoy, 2 Excellent s
res. Anw.Dt.VDH


Beatelke Ike passed for the MAG-test


Beatelke Ilka is HD free :)


First and foremost we want to thank Marjoleine and Iris for good care
they always help us to entertain and take care of the puppys
There are 2 little boy eager to go to their new home Friday, they leave their safe nest August 11, 2011

BRK clubshow

Beatelke Ilka 2 Excellent.
Beatelke Ike 2 Excellent
Munanis Eyak 2 Excellent

K-8 nest

How much can happen in 10 days!
Some of the puppy's already left for there new home
Munanis K-8 litter week 7
Also the page Munanis K-litter received an up-date

MAG test

Beatelke Ilka succeeded with glory and honor for the MAG test

Show Lokeren

Beatelke Ilka, Very good 4
- Munanis Eyak, Excellent 1 and became
Best workingdog of the show
* July 17, 2011, Kleve
Munanis Enjoy, Excellent 1 Siegerin in Kleve

K-8 nest

They are getting big, some of them are leaving next week, some remain until the new owners returned from vacation and 1 boy is looking for a home.
Munanis K-8 litter week 6


The fact that we are busy that we do not have to tell anyone.
Juli 10, 2011 Beatelke Ilka passed for the BH/VZH and became
Best Combination :)

Met dank aan Yvonne & Mirjam voor de foto.
Beatelke Ivy, passed for the BH/VZH
Beatelke Indio, passed for the BH/VZH
Munanis Eyak, passed for the IPO II
Other results can be found on Rottweiler Werkgroep Flevoland

Several Munanis dogs participated in the Piet Hein Bokaal 2011,
results are on
Rottweiler Werkgroep Flevoland

K-8 litter

Wieeeeeeeeeeeee freedom.
Munanis K-8 litter week 5


First we want to congratulate Mathilde and Will with the results of the past two weeks.
Munanis Eyak, June 6, 2011 show Arnhem 1 Excellent CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed
June 26, 2011 show Genk 2 Excellent
Yvonne also achieved great results with
Munanis Enjoy, June 26, 2011 show 1 Excellent CAC, CACIB, Best Female and Best of Breed

Then the little ones ... outside for the first time, check out the funny pics Munanis K-8 litter week 3
The new owners who came were able to enjoy the little ones.
Along this road we wish to thank John and Judith, they came not only look at their puppy but spent a lot of fun present it to the new owners.

Munanis K-8 nest

They are bigger, the eyes are open, they can hear us and yes they are so fun.
Munanis K-8 litter week 3

Blauwe reutje

How much pain can you feel it, how many tears can flow.
With a lot of pain in our hearts we must announce that
has dark blue male left us this night.

Munanis K-9 litter

Someone has stolen our puppies and laid small dogs instead LOL.
Almost all eyes are open, and the weights are now between 1100gr and 1400gr.
Munanis K-9 litter week 3

Munanis K-9 litter

They are growing, the weights are already among the 800 and 1000 gr.
Mother and children are doing well.
2 boys looking for a good home.
Munanis K-9 litter week 2

Munanis K-9 litter

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,
Our New Babys have four legs
and they are adorable too!
Munanis K-9 litter week 1

Pups Rebecca & Gero

As some call them The K-9
Puppys are looking super, Rebecca is a great mom, here are a few pictures Munanis K-9 litter week 1

Gestation Rebecca

Where should I start ... 25.05.2011 we made an x-ray of belly of Rebecca.
And the more I look at the picture, the more I always count !!
Tel but with us :)


Beatelke Ike, passed for his BH/VZH with 48 points, TOP Jan


Beatelke Ike, is HD A & ED free

BRK Rummen

Beatelke Ilka, Excellent 1, RES CAC and she is only 18 months and 3 days!
Beatelke Ike, Very good
Beatelke Jamila, Very good
Munanis Eyak, Excellent
Ter Waele Vaye, Very good 1 and we are the most proud, what there was written on her judge report ... a pleasure to see her at this age


Munanis Eddy Danish mental test
Beatelke Jamie, the first dog of the J-litter who obtained her VZH/BH.
Congrats Andrea

Russisch Magazine

A while ago we were asked if we wanted to provied a kennel interview for a Russian Magazine
It seemed like a fun thing to do.
And this is the result

Yana Thank you for the great article


Because we are too curious, so today we've made an echo
and yes, small dogs live in the belly of Rebecca.
The house will soon receive a makeover, whelping box inside, furniture out side


A lot of people enjoy their long weekend
We go to the show
April 25, 2011, Leeuwarden
Beatelke Ike, Excellent 1, CAC jug.
April 24, 2011, Kleve ☺
Beatelke Ilka, Excellent 1, CAC jug., Schwanenstadtjugendsiegerin
Beatelke Ike, Excellent 1, CAC jug., Schwanenstadtjugendsieger
Munanis Enjoy, Excellent 1, RESCAC
Ter Waele Vaye, obtained the 2nd place
April 23, 2011, MAG-test
Munanis Eyak, passed for the MAG-test


Beatelke Isze is HD en ED free !!

April, 10 2011 Beatelke Jessy passed for the EG exam.
And a week later she became best EG dog on the Clubday

Unfortunately we have been sorrow the latest news girl of the A-Munanis litter is deceased.
Ardy thanks for all the good care for you Angel


It's been an emotional week.
Fortunately we were able to close the week with a smile but we are still very sadd by the news we got about Nino.
Monday 21.03.2011 we concluded that Nino is currently not fertile enough for the coverage with Rebecca.
Our world collapsed literally, we where looking forward to see these puppies!

Nino will be examined further and who knows what the future will bring.

So enough sad news, we had to find a new partner for Rebecca vom Carrabba Haus.
In our search we arrived at Gero vom Schwimbach.
Saturday the mating found place, we keep our fingers crossed for healthy puppies

Sunday we went to the show in Troisdorf our dog showed their best side.
Beatelke Ike, Excellent 4
Beatelke Ilka, Excellent 2, Res.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH.
Munanis Enjoy, Excellent 1, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH.
Munanis Eyak, Excellent 3
Nino vom Carrabba Haus, Excellent 4
Ter Waele Vaye, Excellent 1
and Excellent in the offspring class with Vaye


It is with great pride that we announce that:
Rebecca vom Carrabba Haus and Nino vom Carrabba Haus
passed for the MAG-test

The judge, Rob Bouma his words were full of praise for Nino, "it is a pleasure for every judge to judge Nino".
Yes, then you go with a big smile home :)


Rebecca vom Carrabba Haus passed for the RST


Nino vom Carrabba Haus is HD & ED free, proud, proud, proud

Onze Beste wensen!