Beatelke Ilka

Beatelke Ilka stays with us and has her own page

Munanis Cleo

Happiness and sadness are again very close together
shortly after completing her IPO I Munanis Cleo had a tragic accident
We know what a void they leave and wish the family a lot of strength Arts the next time.
Cleo rest in peace we are very proud of you, you were a true daughter of your father and your mother.
Jos thank you for everything you've achieved with Cleo


Happiness and sadness lies very close together
Munanis Akki left us, RIP girl


Munanis Eyak obtained his IPO I ... congrats!!


New pic of the I-litter week 1


Look and count


Anka vom Dunvanhof passed for the MAG test.
Munanis Eddy became section B clubchampion en this with 93/100, congrats Lonne and Johnny


IPO exam Rottweiler Werkgroep Flevoland
Munanis Evita obtained her VZH/BH
Munanis Enjoy obtained her VZH/BH
Munanis Clever Wingman obtained his IPO I


Munanis Donna gained VZH/BH
Munanis Erik gained VZH/BH and became VZH/BH champion

MAG test

Munanis Evita passed for the MAG test
Munanis Enjoy passed for the MAG test

Show Maastricht

Munanis Evita 2 Excellent
Munanis Eyak 2 Excellent

Exam and HD & ED

Anka vom Dunvanhof passed for the VZH/BH

Munanis Evita HD & ED free
Munanis Enjoy HD & ED free

Show Luxemburg

Rebecca vom Carrabba Haus Very promising 2

Show Saint Ghislain

Munanis Enjoy Very good 2

KS Denmark

Munanis Eddy Excellent 1

Show Düsseldorf

Anka vom Dunvanhof Very good
Munanis Eyak Very good
Munanis Clever Wingman Very good
Munanis Enjoy Excellent 2

Show Dortmund

Anka vom Dunvanhof Excellent 4
Munanis Eyak Very good
Munanis Clever Wingman Excellent
Munanis Enjoy Excellent
Munanis Evita Excellent 2

Show Lokeren

Munanis Enjoy gained the title Lokerse Jeugdwinster

Show BRK

Munanis Enjoy Excellent 4
Winning team ;-)


Munanis Eric aka Vito obtained 292/300 on the G&G examen

Show Echt

Munanis Enjoy 2 Excellent & Munanis Eyak 3 Very good


Rebecca, Nino, Enjoy, Evita en Clever Wingman have show their best side
Munanis received Excellent for the offspring ...