Anka vom Dunvanhof
Beatelke Ike
Test Sociaal Gedrag, MAG-test, VZH/BH, BH (DE), IPO II

HD-free / ED-free

International CH
Multi BOB

HD-free / ED-free
Born: 08.03.2014
Photo's: Beatelke N-litter week 1 - 7

Beatelke Nina

Juan Carlos Gonda, Spain chose
Carlos is an enrichment of our friendsgroup, so it is an honor that he took a puppy from us

Beatelke Nascha

Meaning: Owl
Kevin Webber & Leon Schorel, Nederland
When the neighbors say ooooh I would like to have a puppy, we always wait and often it goes over
But Kevin and Leon, kept coming back;)
Nascha stays close to the house

Beatelke Nero

Meaning: Black
Astrid Vreeswijk, Nederland

Astrid would like to own a dog to train and a friend Munanis Luna.

Beatelke Nard

Meaning: Strong bear
Janet Noble, USA

Nard will accompany Janet in America.

Beatelke Nino

Betekenis: God verzoenen
Fam. van Eijs, Nederland
Sam wanted a tough dog, mom especially wanted a stable dog
Hopefully Nino lives up to all expectations.

Beatelke Nevar

Fam. Bouwmeester, Nederland

I want a dog from Beatelke Ike madam, these were the first words on the phone.
And so I did.
What I'm going to miss this little boy.