Beatelke Ilka
Elch vom Heltorfer Forst
Dutch champion,
15 CAC - 5 CACIB - 9 BOS - 4 BOB
MAG-test, BH, ZTP

HD-free / ED-free

BH, IPO III, Gekört, ZTP

HD-free / ED-free
Born: 17.03.2013
Photo's: Beatelke M-Litter week 1 - 8

Beatelke Mini Mouse

Irene & Piet Sloof, Nederland
Mini Mouse, world-famous thanks to her appearance on Facebook, you can not help but fall in love with her.
At birth only 150gr, who would have thought she would become a spicy lady

Beatelke Ma Belle

Agnes & Peet Edelaar
Well Ma Belle, literally translated into French, handsome woman. Always playing with brother Messi .

Beatelke Macy

Sandra Marijnissen, Nederland
Mrs. Purple, spicy, super handsome, looks very much like her mother :)

Beatelke Melda

Carina Kirk Nielsen, Denemarken
OMG, super funny, big will to please, I WANT, she is getting a golden basket in Denmark.

Beatelke Maja

Roberto de la Cruz, Spain
Beauty queen.

Beatelke Madoc

Natascha & Jeroen Duivestein, Nederland
A workingfriend but also a buddy for Jayden and Tyler.

Beatelke Mennox

Jose Abal Arosa, Spanje
A workout buddy. Mennox moved at the age of 15 months to Jose. According to Jose, the cutest dog in the world :)

Beatelke Messi

Betekenis: Wolf
Johnny & Lone Jensen, Denemarken
Johnny & Lone were about 2 years on the puppy list.
Male or female it does not matter, they want a puppy from Ilka and a grandchild from Vaye.
Messi grows up with Munanis Eddy

Beatelke Mako

Betekenis: Haaiensoort
Mario & Veerle Montes Klaver
Mako the highly anticipated puppy for Mario.

Beatelke Makram

Kees & Monique Ijzerman, Nederland
A Vaye grandchild, Kees wanted one and nothing else.

Beatelke Markus

Claudio Nogueira, Portugal
Claudio had to do a lot of work to be allowed to import a puppy in Portugal. What a long way Three years later, he could Markus aka Skype take home.