Rebecca vom Carrabba Haus
Beatelke Indio
Dutch Juniorwinster,
RST, MAG-test

HD-free / ED-free


HD-free/ ED-free
Born: 17.06.2012
Photo's: Munanis L-Litter week 1 - 8

Munanis Lulu

Jan & Wilma Meurs, Nederland
Madame Lulu, the epitome of calm, confident but ooh what a treasure she gets a gold basket with Jan and Wilma.

Munanis Leah

Roy & Sandy Koerhuis
Princess Leah, my little darling, 5 weeks I said
mw. Red stays with uss, but when I classified her
Sandy and Roy lookt like the perfect people for her.

Munanis Luna

Meaning: Roman goddess of the moon
Astrid & Luuc Vreeswijk, Nederland
Handsome child

Munanis Leeloo

Meaning: 5th element, (Namely, love) What a perfect supreme being
Giovanni Marijnissen, Nederland
Giovanni really wanted his own dog, Leeloo was at the age of 14 months to live with him.

Munanis Luitenant Bunker

Monique & Toine van der Linden, Nederland
Bunker is the new workingfriend for Toine.
We wish them a very nice but especially sporting future.

Munanis Lyran

Bart & Yvonne Reurink, Nederland
Big plans are created for Lyran.
May they all come true!

Munanis Lion

Betekenis: Leeuw. symboliseert grote moed en kracht
Frans & Sylvia Kemna, Nederland
Everyone who came to visit immediately felt in love with him.
I still call him daddy's boy, Mario realy felt in love with him
He gets a perfect home with the Fam. Kemna.

Munanis Lupo

Betekenis: Wolf
Joyce & ferdy Arts, Nederland
Lupo a name created by Mirjam (owner of Indio, father of the pups).
Looking for a fun working partner

Munanis Liron

Betekenis: Woelmuisje
Jan & Gerda Evers, Nederland
Everything is right at Liron, the body, the head, the angulation.
The children of the Fam. Evers had to wait impatiently but this is now rewarded.

Munanis Lepi

Betekenis: Mooi (sloveens)
Anneke Laamstra, Nederland
He sure is pretty, chubby, confident to the bone.