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Born: 30.05.2011
Photo's: Munanis K-Litter week 1 - 8

Munanis Kane

Corrie van Soest, Nederland
Behind some people is a nice story, Corrie had no idea where they're going on July 9, 2011.
Her husband, Alex, had a little surprise for her ... a Rottweilerpuppy.
Normally a dog can not serve as gifts but if that puppy is welcomed into a family of four other Rottweilers, it probably comes right.
Max, Layka, Bo and Cimberly get a new friend.

Munanis Kaoutar

Meaning: the prosperous
Jan Verwijmeren

Munanis Kapitein Gabber

John en Judith van de Reijt, Nederland
Mr Green, ringleader, smart ass, a lot of names for me to invent.
I hope John and he is getting a bright future.

Munanis Kaya

Meaning: Wise Child (Native American)
Fam. Coene, Belgie
I think Simon, son of Allison and Marc, but most of it is happy with his dog.

Munanis Keanow

Meaning: Lovingly
Michel & Annemarie Ooms, Nederland
When Annemarie & Michel came to watch I almost had to hide Vaye.
Annemarie wanted so much, a new friend.
ASAP Keanow will accompany them, Keanow is the dog that adapts everywhere, the meaning of his name is very appropriate for him.

Munanis Kiran

Meaning: Light (Native American)
Fam. Vos, Nederland
People sometimes ask, is it not diffucult when the puppy's are leaving
Normally my answer is NO.
But Kiran has taken a very special place in my heart.
My little yellow boy, I'm going to miss you sooo hard.

Munanis Kodjo

Meaning: name of man who was born on Monday (Afrikaans)
Fam. Omvlee, Nederland
Kodjo was a special puppy, was often alone, did not want to go into that stuff.
But at week 7, he thought that hugs was pretty fun :)
Kodjo may run between the horses and running.

Munanis Kuno

Meaning: Brave