Anka vom Dunvanhof
Pit vom Hirtenplatz
Test Sociaal Gedrag, MAG-test, VZH/BH, BH (DE)

HD-free / ED-free

BH, SchH/VPG III, AD, gekort,
Duitse VDH Kampioen

HD-free / ED-free
Born: 29.04.2010
Photo's: Beatelke J-Litter week 1 - 7

Beatelke Jabari

Eva Bulow, Denemarken
Puppies are discussed and canceled, this happened with Jabari.
But as always, things happen for a reason.
One evening, we get phone Ismael Fox, do you have puppies ??
And yes ... two weeks later we were able to let Eva know that we had a puppy for her
He lives with Gertrud of Foxstadt.

Beatelke Jergan

Jane Mitchelmore, Canada
Jergan travelled the largest distance to meet his new owner
Jergan accompanied Jane and her pack in Canada.

Beatelke Jarkko

Meaning: Small Spring (Finnish)
Andre & Marja Eijkhout, Nederland

Planning for Jarkko was to go to America
But because of problems with his new owner, we decided that Jarkko could not leave to the USA
That same day Andre & Marja brought a visit to the club.
Andre & Marja are the proud owners of Munanis Faydo and were not actually going to take a puppy
They only wanted to check them out
After much a lot of hugs, they decided to go for small Jarkko.

Beatelke Jimmy

Fam. Noordzij, Nederland
How long can you be on a puppy list !!
Arnold wanted the spiciest of the litter and yes that's Jimmy
Jimmy is the new friend of Diego and the two girls Delana & Chelsea.

Beatelke Jingo

Meaning: Tender, soft
Fam. Westra, Nederland
It is the first Rottweiler to Fam. Westra, Petra formerly had one.
Because Jingo so gentle nature, he seemed the best choice for this family.
Jingo accompanied this wonderful family
and to say he is the daughter Femke best playmate.

Beatelke Jamie

Andrea Lapere, Nederland
Jamie was very clearly the spiciest of the litter.
A daughter of her mother, all I can say about it :)

Jamie her stories you can read on the blog of Hunter and her.

Beatelke Jamila

Betekenis: Arabisch voor mooi
Michel Dethier, Belgie
Small Jamila, always after me.
Without doubt the docile the nest.
Jamie lives with Iroy von Nubelugen.

Beatelke Jenka

Betekenis: God is Graciou in het Hebreeuws
Jacqueline & Corne Luijsterburg, Nederland
Jenka and Josy snouts were the smartest of the litter :)
Unfortunately, Jenka has elbow problems, but she is getting the best care for her owners.

Beatelke Jessy

Ria & Gerhard Bijmolt-Stokebrook, Nederland
Small Jessy, is what I call het ... she and Josy were the softest girls from the litter, sweet and tender
Jessy is the friend of Spike (Jack Russell Terrier), and according to Spike she is the best playmate.

Beatelke Josy

Meaning: Josy was named after a bitch I've always admired :)
Frances & Roy Steenis, Nederland
Josy was undoubtedly the softest, sweetest of the litter.

Beatelke Jarvis

Small Jarvis forever in our hearts.
Jarvis had to leave, far too young Jarvis had a form of tracheahypoplasie.