@ Munanis & Beatelke

Who we are, what we stand for

We are Mario, Veerle and Thomás Montes Klaver

Our history goes way back in the Rottweiler.
We both grew up with dogs and notably Rottweilers.

Thanks to this wonderful breed, we've met each other,
Since 2008 we share our passion and we hope this can continue for a very long time.

Due we both lived in another country, Mario in the Netherlands and Veerle in Belgium,
we still have our two kennelnames.

Result that both Munanis as Beatelke puppys are born at our home.

You will see that, while reading through our site, that it is not only about breeding a dog.
We want to breed a complete Rottweiler, therefore we are often at shows and training fields.

With great pride, we can say that dogs with our kennelnames are living worldwide ... Belgium, The Netherlands, Denemark, Canada, USA, Portugal, Spain.

We are member of the Dutch and German Rottweiler Club

Enjoy the visit at our site.